Konjiam Golf Club Guide

Is this your first time at Konjiam Golf Club?



Front Entrance

  • Your golf clubs will be carried and delivered to you before tee time.
  • After dropping off your bags and parking your car, please hand your keys to a staff member at the front entrance. A guide will escort and assist you loading your clubs after you are done with your round.

Front Desk

  • Staff members will be happy to help you check-in/out and answer any questions you may have while using the clubhouse.
  • We are currently using a deferred payment system that includes green fees, cost for foods & beverages, and rental fees for a better,
    refined customer service.
  • For your convenience, the caddie fees are paid in cash at the front desk before you leave the clubhouse.


Provided lockers can be locked/unlocked with a four digit number.